I (we) understand that water sports can be inherently dangerous and carry with them a risk of injury or death. I further understand that this area is habitat know to contain fish, reptiles and marine mammals which can be considered dangerous, such as, but not limited to, whales, sharks, rays, crocodiles, and certain big game fish. I also understand that the water of the estuary, bay and Pacific Ocean can become dangerous under certain condition related to weather and natural conditions.

With the above understanding, I (we) indemnify and hold harmless the Vallarta Club de Yates A.C., Paradise Village Group and the Marina Residences A.C., their owners, officers, directors, agents and heirs from any liability what so ever resulting from the participation in VYC activities or the use of any of the aforementioned facilities, assets or resources. I (we) also agree to be responsible for any damage that I (we) may cause to the property or assets of the club or aforementioned parties through or participation in or use of VYC activities or assets, respectively.

I (we) agree these activities are being carried out in the Country of Mexico, and as such are subject solely to the laws of Mexico and are solely within the jurisdiction of the State of Nayarit.